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“Dare To Be Bold” Live Activation 2019

At Unbnd in 2019, I was responsible for leading the development of a VR project for the Pepsi Taste Test Challenge. This involved organising project documentation and co-ordinating external contractors while also being hands on with the development of the project itself.

Due to tight performance limitations on the Oculus Quest, we had to model and texture our assets in such a way that they could not rely on shaders and lighting. Everything in this project was using unlit textures inside Unity.


Using a development workflow for unlit asset development, I constructed the city in 3DS Max, lit the scene, then baked out the lighting as a lighting map to a 2nd UV set. By using 2nd UV coordinates for the city assets, it allows us to have high fidelity micro details using tiling textures while being able to have AO (Ambient Occlusion) and lighting details baked into a single map that is mapped to the 2nd UV set.

Unfortunately we found almost any lighting of any kind would impact performance a fair bit on the Oculus Quest, but fortunately given the design of the scene we did not need to have dynamic lighting and still managed to present a polished semi-realistic environment that met the concept and maintained immersion for the user.

This project was incredibly rewarding and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Unbnd and Upsurge ( and appreciated the incredibly quick turn around!

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