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Personal Artworks

I like to create things.

I don't remember a time where I wasn't absent mindedly drawing in my spare time, from trying to draw Ninja Turtles in primary school to attempting art styles from other artists that speak to my creativity.

This page contains a handful of miscellaneous artworks across various mediums from hand drawn sketches and paintings to 2D digital concepts and beyond!

I hope you enjoy.

In this 2D lighting study I was experimenting with drawing lighting for 2D characters.

I challenged myself by creating a flat base character image and played around with a variety of lighting temperature, intensity, direction, and volume.

I chose to create a basic character with different textures to light. Things like metals and how the light is reflected, and the skin with how light bounces on the surface along with Subsurface Scattering (SSS) added additional complexity to the study I attempted.

In researching how lighting behaves on various surfaces, I was able to push the quality of my 2D artworks up another level.


2D Head Concept exercises.

This was an exercise in boosting variety while keeping a concept within a theme.

I initially started out with a blank piece of paper divided up into sections that fit together like a puzzle and set myself a theme to follow (ie reptiles).

By drawing them all on the same page and within a limitation, this forced me to focus on diversifying each head to be unique.

I had a lot of fun! Feel free to send me an email if you have any recommended themes or restrictions I should check out.

Who doesn't like a good spaceship?

After working on NOVA at Dreamgate for 3 years, I would often play around with different ship designs.

At the time, Everspace had just landed and I found their use of forms and colours to be an absolutely magical depiction of a vibrant semi-realistic view of space and used a lot of their ideas as inspiration in other artworks.


I mentioned more traditional art at the top of the page and here we are!

These sketches are on brown paper using a mix of pencil, charcoal, and POSCA markers.

I still enjoy jumping back into the occasional traditional artwork.