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Techtree Interactive

After I wrapped up contracts in 2018, I was approached by some coworkers formerly from 2K and Guerrilla games who are based in Canberra and were looking for someone to take on a Art Direction role on a personal project titled “Hollowmarch” with the aim of producing a small gameplay loop with which they could present their idea to publishers.


As the project was in its infancy, I had ample opportunities open to me to play with concepting, weapon design, level design, and marketing material for the pitch.


With the enemy character design, I aimed for a non generic enemy horde style. We went through a number of iterations starting with silhouettes then delving into potential themes. By removing the eyes and accentuating the mouth of these basic “Shambler” enemy types we gave the impression of hungry devouring hordes without a will of their own and no humanity.

Once we had our MVP identified for the pitch, I started on capturing the look and feel of the title in a single “seed” image to govern our focus when creating environments, characters, and UI.


With our basic level layout mapped out and narrative organised, I created a colour script for environment art theming as the player progresses through the environment. The aim was to raise the intensity of the environment as the player progresses to keep them engaged but not to be too intense a change as to alienate them from the start.

I had an amazing time working with incredible industry talent, and I appreciate the opportunity I had to put my creative mark on such an amazing project!

If you would like to check out Techtree or check out how Hollowmarch is progressing - find them on facebook here:

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